Our objective is to create visually beautiful garden spaces with an emphasis on modern living. We have been designing gardens for over 20 years and have established ourselves as one of Los Angeles' leading garden design teams.

Instrumental to the team’s success is our strong passion for simple lines that complement the surrounding landscape and architecture. Our designs are drawn from humble beginnings using the timeless elements of stone, glass, timber and water. Combined holistically, these essential elements create powerful and graceful outdoor spaces.

The Danny Butch Design team’s inspiration is bred within five main design principles - focal point, form, balance, unity, and proportion. We know that at the core of these principles are the owners of the garden and their lifestyle. We maintain the appreciation and enthusiasm to create a space unique to their personal needs.

Danny Butch is a landscape designer, not a landscape contractor or landscape architect.
He can only provide the services of a landscape designer & can not provide services that
can only be provided by a licenced landscape contractor or architect.